How To Join Two Hardwood Floors Between Rooms

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Transitioning Wood FlooringMany times homeowners are having wood flooring installed in several adjoining rooms. In the doorways of each room you either have to install a T-molding, which sits above and overlaps the planks, or you could use a wood spline. The spline allows the installer to reverse the direction of the planks without using a T-molding. Now the entire floor is flush without having a hump in the doorway caused by the T-molding. If you are having wood flooring installed in adjoining rooms be sure to ask your installer about possibly using a wood spline rather than a T-molding to join the wood floors where they meet in the doorway.

What is a wood spline?

A wood spline is nothing more than a long, thin strip of wood that acts as a splice between two planks. It is the same thickness as the tongue on a wood plank. You insert and glue the wood spline into the groove side of one of the wood planks. Now the grooved side acts as a tongue and another plank going in the opposite direction can be secured to it.

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