Longstrip Plank Floors

Longstrip Plank FloorsLongstrip wood floors are often called floating wood floors. Longstrip wood floors are constructed from several wood plies that are glued together, most have only 3 plies. Generally, the center core is a softer wood material and is used to make the tongue and groove. A selected wood specie is glued on top of the center core to form the finish layer and a softer wood is again used the bottom layer. This finish ply

The finish layer is really constructed of many smaller, individual solid wood plank pieces that are laid in two or three rows. The top layer will generally consist of 17 to 18 smaller pieces per row and can be any domestic or exotic wood specie. This gives the visual effect of installing 3 rows of shorter wood pieces when in really it is just one long, wide plank that has been pre-assembled for you. Longstrip planks are approximately 86" in length and 7 1/2" in width.

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Longstrip Plank FloorsLongstrip wood planks are designed for the floating installation, but most can also be glued-down, or stapled down over a wood sub-floor. Because these floors can be installed with the floating installation method they can be installed over a wide variety of subfloors, including concrete slabs and some existing hard surface type floors. They can also be used over radiant heated slabs as well as long as the heated subfloor is controlled and not allowed to go over a certain temperature.

Some manufacturers are now offering longstrip wood floors with a glueless, floating installation system. This makes these floors ideal for those considering do-it-yourself installation.

Note: There are also engineered wood floors that come in regular sized planks (not longstrips) that require no glue or staples and can be floated over fully-cured concrete slabs, wood type sub-floors and some types of existing floors. These floors have a specially designed locking system to interlock the planks together.

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